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We have mounting evidence that Paul is the one the scripture is talking about,unless there is another exaplanation? Do you have one? Al, Your presupposition is that the texts of Jesus and the Twelve are reliable and those of Paul are not. You pick the Scriptures you like and reject the others. If you only choose the passages you like and reject the others, you can prove anything.

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He lost everything—family, wealth, reputation. He suffered more than all the Twelve put together. What a deal! Who could turn that down—unless what he wrote was true. You have concluded Paul was a false apostle even in the face of considerable Scriptural evidence of who the false teachers were.

If we understand early church history correctly, Paul had already been dead for 20 to 30 years when Revelation was written so this would have been very old news to proclaim if Paul is in fact who Jesus was talking about in Revelation You however, have made the willful decision to set your sights on just one person where Jesus did not. If Paul was the false apostle spoken of in Rev.


You would be living in a commune with like minded believers until the entire city was converted just like the early Jewish believers did in fact attempt to do. Do you have a savings account, investments or a K? He also said if anyone asks you for anything you possess, give it to them and do not expect to be repaid. So…I could use a few thousand bucks to spruce up the kitchen a bit. The fact that Israel would fail to accept Jesus as their Messiah is well documented throughout the OT.

In the parable of the vineyard tenants, Jesus warns of the turning away from Israel, perhaps for the last time. You must also conclude that Luke was a liar in his historical account regarding the conversion and calling out of Paul and his acceptance by the Jewish 12 in the book of Acts. This would necessarily invalidate Acts and the gospel of Luke as well in adhering to this assumption.

If this is so, the inclusion of gentiles in Acts is also out the window because in the gospels Jesus directly commanded His disciples NOT to go to gentiles. Peter being reluctant to go to the house of Cornelius is the proof and the negative reaction of the Jewish believers after the event provides further evidence of this fact. How do you reconcile the position given to Peter, by Jesus in the gospels, as the chief apostle of the Jews when he endorses Paul in his second epistle.

John Mark was most likely taking dictation directly from Peter, so two of the four gospels you hold dear have to be tossed out with your belief system.

None of the 12 apostles were part of the Jewish priesthood or scholars of the Law. Saul being a Pharisee was, and there is no doubt in my mind that God used Paul to connect the dots and put 2 and 2 together from the OT to the new for the Nation of Israel in the book of Hebrews. While clearly not written by Paul, Hebrews was most certainly Pauline revelation in origin as you can take bits and pieces of his epistles and construct the same narrative as the book of Hebrews.

He also warned of going to a different nation in both Deuteronomy and in the gospels just to name two abundantly clear references but there are many more.

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Because of their persistent failures, God finally did make good on His warnings and He suspended the prophetic program with Israel. The parallels between the life of Joseph and Jesus are well documented. Joseph took a gentile bride and according to Paul… so did Jesus. Chuck, Good comments but John wrote Revelation long before Paul died. See my article, Understanding the Book of Revelation.

Paul wrote in Colossians 1. I realize the timing of the completion of cannon is up for discussion and I like you, happen to believe the whole thing was completed prior to 70 AD. I want to thank you for the work you have done on this website. You have provided a wealth of information here!!! Please show me the scripture that says this.

I have never heard of this before. Jesus has never married. As written by Chuck The parallels between the life of Joseph and Jesus are well documented.

For it is John who identifies in Jesus the light that lights everyone who comes into the world, a grace and truth which supersedes all things — not just the Mosaic law, but all doctrine. Paul would admit to being a faithful messenger but never to being the Message itself. His doctrine of grace hinges on his unrelenting teaching that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. Why would he take us there? To quantify that the need for repentance and regeneration has no exclusion clause for anyone, Paul included.

He prided himself on building on the already established cornerstone of the church: that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, on which he alone Christ, not Paul would build his church. Luke Paul would be the first to admit that although blessed with many revelations he too was seeing through a glass darkly and that he too only knew in part.

Your eschatology is just the latest twist of Darbyism. Paul never talked about a rapture, never talked of a 2nd and 3rd coming of Christ — first for the church and then for Israel. We need not add any more. All authority is his — in heaven and earth — as it has been in every generation way since his resurrection and will be so until he returns again.

But with his resurrection, it is He who commands his disciples to go way beyond Israel, it is He who send his disciples including Paul to the Gentiles. You have made Paul more mysterious than he deserves. He is not the Founder of Christianity. He is only one of its servants.

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There is only one Founder, and no one articulated that better than Paul himself. No need to make anything more of Paul than that. In fact at the end of his ministry, he identified himself as the worst of all sinners. John, The Scriptures never contradict themselves. That was a new revelation. According to the OT, Gentiles would be blessed through an obedient Israel. A secret is a secret.

God revealed them to Paul, not to Peter, James, John, etc.

The Voice of the Prophets: Wisdom of the Ages, ABORIGINAL, NATIVE AMERICAN

Paul received ALL his information from the risen, glorified Lord. Paul emphasized repentance for believers not for unbelievers. The point is one of emphasis. Paul only used the term once in his letters for unbelievers Romans 2. To deny Paul taught a Rapture of believers is to deny to Word of God itself. Lastly, Paul was not the worst of sinners. The word Paul used in 1 Timothy 1.

Jesus Christ: Priest, Prophet, and King - Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Can you not see how far out these propositions are? The gospel of the kingdom focused on the identity of Christ. He preached Jesus was the Son of God Acts 9. It could even be argued that Jesus on earth as a Jew practising the law of Moses was not part of the plan either!

The Book of Job

So Jesus on earth and Jesus in Revelation are not aware of the grace gospel. Yet the Jesus on the Damascus road is! This I find hard to grasp! Al, Keep the time perspective in mind. God knows everything all the time. But Jesus in His earthly ministry had not revealed the program He would reveal to Paul.


His earthly ministry concerned only the Jews Romans Jump to Revelation and the Church, the body of Christ is gone. The body of Christ has been made complete and God has removed it Rapture. After this, God will finish His program with Israel, i. The disciples had no idea of the Church. All they knew was the prophetic program and Peter expected the Day of the Lord to come shortly after Pentecost.

This why he quoted Joel Acts 2. Obviously, the sun turned to darkness and the moon turned to blood have not happen.