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I was stunned. Definitely a world rocking moment that I am grateful for and remember every day. What a joy it is to be a part of a community of writers who plot murder for fun! Anyone who knows me well knows that a lot of me is in Colleen McCabe, although I think she is far more courageous than I am. Colleen attempts to discourage Pinky and downplays her looks so as to be taken more seriously in her job as fire chief, but Pinky unapologetically persists in his romantic advances.

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All the time! Many of my characters are based on or inspired by people I know or have known — although I tend to exaggerate qualities and flaws to make it fun. I write each and every character with love, even when I make them the unfortunate victim of a killer. Your series features the real life wild Spanish mustangs of Corolla, North Carolina.

What led you to center your series around horses and these horses in particular? I fell in love with the Outer Banks, and Corolla and its wild horses in particular, years ago when I was a teenager and my family vacationed there. The ocean breeze would blow through their manes as they strolled across the dunes and I thought that was pure magic. For their protection, the horses are now relocated to an area just north of Corolla.

If you get a chance to visit, you should definitely take a tour with one of the patrol officers at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. The horses of Corolla are wild and free. I hope they continue to stay that way. I am currently working on the third book. My experience is proof that writing competitions are worthwhile and that you must send out your work.

Now I am writing my third novel, work with an incredible team at St. I tell this to my students all the time … You must send your work out because nobody is going to discover your brilliant book or short story or play or screenplay if it stays on your computer or sits buried in a drawer. You will become a better writer with every story. Just keep writing!

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International contestants welcome. Good luck! She lives in Virginia with her husband, a director and cinematographer, and their rescue cat, Oscar. You can find Kathryn at website Facebook Goodreads. Numerous places have inspired me over my life. So picking one is not easy, but…..

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Charleston, South Carolina inspired me when I first went down there to visit my now husband when he was attending The citadel. Going in the spring added to the beauty, with magnolias and azaleas in full bloom. The restaurants, community theater, city market all intrigued me too! But this is just one city amongst many that has blessed my life!! I have heard lovely things about Charleston.

Your post makes me want to visit. Thanks for posting! Many years ago when I had the opportunity to travel to The Rockies in Canada, I was captivated by the stunning magnificence of these mountains and the beauty of the blue skies and glacier lakes.

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I had never experienced such scenic vistas and this definitely was inspiring and unforgettable. Nothing could surpass this and I knew that someday I would live near or in the west since it made such a deep impression upon my heart and soul. The power of nature to heal us and fill our hearts and souls is amazing, Diane.

Thanks for sharing. I grew up in South Florida, and despite having lived in a number of other places over the decades it still is the only place that truly feels like home to me! There has been more than one place that has inspired me, but the one that inspires me daily is the church where I am blessed to be the Church Secretary. I really also enjoyed the interview.

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My first ever international trip gave me a new perspective on fascinating and historic locales. I was spellbound with Italy and the beauty, history, romance and culinary delights. Even though this was a brief trip and a small part of the country was visited it deeply affected my outlook. I live in a unique setting which is old and interesting. Perhaps one day the ocean will be where I will live. It will be a minor miracle if all three girls find husbands before the end of the Season, and their mothers, not to mention Daisy Lanford, renewed happiness.

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