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Recent Blogs. Why you should teach your students about neuroplasticity. Surviving the transition between primary and secondary school. The heightened hype about it is what makes this novel worth the time and worth the read. View all 31 comments. I've never read anything by this author before, and honestly, the blurb made me think this was going to be one of those insta love, daddy kink type of books nothing wrong with those.

What I actually got was a bloody fantastic, beautifully written, and complex love story. I can't think of a single negative thing to say about it. As I said, the writing was amazing. The pace was perfect.

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The plot was engaging. The classical music angle was just so well done. Last, it was all wrapped up in a very sweet, and perfect way. Laszlo was a great hero. He was complex. He was frustrating at times. He was sweet.

He was sexy. He was domineering. He was kind. He was stubborn. The author did a fantastic job creating a complex character that as a reader you couldn't help but fall in love with. I enjoyed Isabeau's character just as much as I did Laszlo's. Again the author did a great job of creating a multi-layered character in Isabeau. My heart broke for her on several occasions. You could figuratively feel her pain rising from the pages. Her love for Laszlo.

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Her pain at being rejected. But she was also a very strong character. She was sweet.

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Wise beyond her years. She knew what she wanted and needed.

I loved her. We see Isabeau's father a tiny bit. He BFF makes a couple brief appearances, along with some members of the orchestra. Mainly the book focuses the majority of its time on the two main characters. This turned out to be surprisingly to me a slow burn type of romance. I was expecting for us to dive head first in the kink very early on. That isn't what happens though. But when they finally get to doing the deed, we get some deliciously kinky sex scenes. Isabeau and Laszlo were smokin' hot together and had amazing on page chemistry.

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Obviously if you read the blurb there is "daddy kink" and BDSM elements. I guess if I HAD to think of something I would have liked different about the book, I would have loved to have seen more sex scenes between those two. There was no OW drama or OM drama. But again, it didn't overly bother me.

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Laszlo didn't appear to be a manwhore nor was he a saint. His sexual history is just briefly mentioned. Pretty much. For sure! View all 20 comments. I started reading it a month ago Laszlo happens upon Isabeau when she's just Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I'd been following the author's teasers for this book eagerly on Twitter and was delighted when she offered me an ARC. Laszlo happens upon Isabeau when she's just eight-years-old, playing a cello as large as she is for money in the bad part of London.

Disgusted, he follows her home and learns that her mother is dead and her father is a heroin addict. After a cursory discussion with her fried-out pops, Laszlo decides to make Isabeau his "ward," a title that he maintains until her eighteenth birthday, when she tries to put the moves on him and he pushes her away, until they meet again three years later. OK, so there are some things I really enjoyed about this book. The writing is lovely, as it was in the other two books I've read by this author, and so is her clear passion for the arts.

It was so nostalgic. There are really three problems I have with this book and they were severe enough that they kept me from enjoying the story as I wished I would.

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Problem 1: The nature of the relationship between Laszlo and Isabeau. First, a disclaimer. What I am not OK with is romances that start out with a parental figure falling in love with their child.

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This just feels like all kinds of gross to me, and such a breach of trust. It's like falling in love with and having sex with a student, or a step-child. Even though they're not your flesh and blood, even if you wait until they're legal, it's a violation of the role you are supposed to serve to said child. Um, no - it doesn't matter if it was consensual or that you weaseled your way around the illegality of such a relationship by not officially adopting her, you were effectively her parent and you were sexualizing her and keeping her from enjoying normal relationships by guarding her the way a dragon does its hoard while she was still underage.

Isabeau and Laszlo were much more nebulous and this book felt more like it was just about sex for these characters.