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It is not bondage, but liberty. Did Jesus just dutifully obey?

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No, He delighted in obeying His Father. When we truly submit, we shall also delight. Truth 6: Submission opens all of our lives to each other. A godly wife gets to share every part of the life of the one she loves most on earth. What are the characteristics of such a woman? Look with me back there in that beautiful description of a grace-energized woman of submission in Proverbs It should be his place to refocus, be refreshed, and be renewed.

She is the guardian of that place. Only the Lord has a higher place for this Grace-energized wife. No house, no job, no child, no ministry can hold her; she wants to please and honor the man God made for her. That is her calling and role given by the Lord himself. The reason the Proverbs 31 woman is so amazing is that her marriage was at the center of all she did. It was her primary ministry! Wives, you are called by God to be in submission to your husband— to be his unique and suitable helper.

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In this section we have seen what that means. But knowing what it means is of little value unless it is applied to your relationship with your husband. Divorce is being tolerated in ever-increasing numbers among clergy; the wife of a minister no longer has the assurance that she will not someday be divorced. Wives mention this concern as their first. Many young working wives feel that the long hours they are away from home cause loneliness and frustration in their spouses -- much the same kind of experience they themselves had as housewives. Other women express concern about their own ability to behave with integrity.

They are constantly exposed to tempting encounters with men they meet in business and professional circles. This concern can create stronger marriages. The fear of divorce can, however, be self-defeating if it expresses itself in undue jealousy, lack of trust, tension. She is concerned about her relationship to her children.

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Ten years ago I was shocked when a woman confessed that she feared she would use physical violence against her own children. In a parsonage? This terrible extreme was not an isolated instance, for I subsequently heard similar statements many times. But by and large the concern of the working wife is that she may be neglecting her children, depriving them of some necessary ingredient in their lives.

Amen Ministers Wife

Where once her concern was to have perfect children in the eyes of the congregation and community, she is now preoccupied primarily with her own adequacies as a parent. Possible effect: One has to ask whether the children are better off because of this change of focus. They may well be. At least the children of the parsonage feel that they are like everyone else; they are not pressured constantly to be good examples.

They may, however, feel less of a sense of personal security than they once did with mom on the home front -- but this situation is prevalent within society In general and certainly helps ministers and their families to understand the problems others face. She insists on a sharing of labor in the home. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 9.

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview From her own experience, Bonnie Markham gives practical and very honest answers to questions ministers' wives ask.

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Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Misplaced Mystery. This exciting new book explains the Godhead in a thorough yet understandable manner. The unique The unique presentation of this most vitale truth will engage, educate, and inspire.

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A Misplaced Mystery has been enthusiastically endorsed by youth, new converts, youth pastors, pastors, View Product. The Apostolic Life. The articles in this book cover many topics, but the common theme is a vision The articles in this book cover many topics, but the common theme is a vision of what it means to be an apostolic.

Whatever Happened to Ministers’ Wives

They investigate how to apply apostolic identity to various aspects of life and ministry. Daughters Of The Promise. Never Underestimate what God can do with one anointed woman who has surrendered her life