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Most importantly, he devoted the last fifteen years of his life to designing and constructing a building in Caura on Caura Royal Road which he shared with former UWI lecturer, Dr Shango, a leading organic farmer and musician in Trinbago. With his two male children, Baba Iyinde, 31, and Modupe Folasade, 26, both musicians and singers a daughter Oshun, 19, lives in the USA , he completed a building in the round, decorated with life-size concrete sculptures with the assistance of renowned Trinbago artist, Sean Peters.

He never made more than one pair of anything and many famous Trinbago artistes of different genres competed to get a pair, sometimes giving him money blindly in advance for anything he created. Such was his creativity and reputation.

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One of his most original but highly undervalued skills was as a designer and manufacturer of acoustic instruments which he also termed organic. He created the bamboolin, a violin made of bamboo, bamboo flutes, percussion instruments made with traditional goatskin but also shakers, scratchers and a variety of percussion instruments which were unique to Jajah only.

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Although this enterprise was highly creative and unique, he never had the financial support or the vision of government patronage. He did not tolerate half-hearted approaches, he did not encourage slackness. Jajah Onilu In his last years, he tried to pursue a saint-like devotion to religious and spiritual purification, to the extent of extensive fasting and not devoting time to eating.

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Just two days before his untimely death, some female friends visited him and urged him to have a woman contribute to his life, particularly with cooking. He rejected this completely. But it was the voice of God talking through the women.

The ulcerated stomach which called for rapid surgery burst and invaded his lungs which quickened his departure. All these colleges have their own local radio stations and they all play their own variety of reggae music. How was that transition for you as a kid? Elizabeth, which is a farming community. To go from the farm, the big trees, the animals to Boston with the big skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle and fast pace.

Gradually, as time went by, I figured out my sweet spot and bob and weave in the Boston element.

After a while, it became natural. What were you listening to growing up? I was hooked.

The Mystic Eye | An Excerpt from The Mission of Art

After that, they played it for me all the time. When did you start making your own music? My brother Stephen was four or five years older than me was in the hip-hop world, breakdancing and singing. He was in the culture at that time, and I was probably 12 or 13 tagging along with him. He would get up onstage and showcase and rap, and he gave me a shot and called me up onstage. People really liked it, so I kept pursuing it and built a name off of that. My honest opinion is, the US reggae scene is based in California in the West coast. I find that they need to extend it a little more and bring guys on from the East coast and down South and guys from Jamaica.

I want to see the big US bands touring with Jamaican artists and vice versa, building the genre. Chronixx, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid. Home Articles Interviews Playlists.

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