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Some SETs are maybe useful with level or so. Good rares are in many cases better then any SET. Most weapons have too low damage or shield have too low AC. But there are some very good unique items. One of the most-searched Items in BattleNet!

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Try to get it when offered cheap, it has great trading value. Some good items are even sold online for real money. They are in different degree of perfection: chipped, flawed, normal, flawless and perfect. You can place three gems same sort and quality into the Horadric Cube to transform them to the next higher level. Many beginners are seeking and trading for gems, but it is a waste of time. If you advance fast you will get better gems easily. For example for a perfect diamond you need 81 chipped diamonds! The only good worth of them is sometimes place them into socketed weapons to increase AC, mana or so.

And you can use them to transform magical potions into greater rejuvenation potions. So I recommend if you find nice stuff try to get good uniques for it. Even if you get "only" Magefists and Nightsmoke, you can trade several of them for more valuable stuff like Wormskull or Frostburn. With some of those really searched for items you have the "money" you can get easily good stuff when needed.

Give it a try! Anyway there are many useless object offered useless even as rare or unique so just spend your money on worthy items like Frostburn or Stone of Jordan ring. There are players with level 24 in Nightmare and wonder why it is so difficult. With more players the monsters get their hitpoints multiplied for example four times with four players , but NOT their attack damage, they are harder to kill but not more dangerous.

In some quests you encounter hard fights you might loose and loose experience points Nightmare and Hell. So start your quest when you just have reached a new level. But the basic rule here is like in all other characters : specialize in the most effective spells!! Find out which spells will serve you in long term mostly NOT the first spells of any char and put lots of skill points into them. That can help surviving in Hell mode. These are the best from "curse" tree, a kind of "must have" for every Necromancer. The higher curse spells arent soo good.

A good spell from Bone Magic is: Corpse Explosion yummy It is very effective even against high level monsters when are dead you cast it and get more monsters down and cast again There is no resistance against Bone Magic, but it does not get too many points. Bone Spirit on high level could work for duels, but I recommend not to put many points into that skill tree. It looks funny to walk through town with spellbound monsters walking behind you like little doggies Now the big question arises which Golem is better: Iron Golem you need a metal object like dagger to cast, and the Iron Golem will take combat-related magical abilities from that object or Fire Golem?

Well, many succesful Necromancer players say in most times the Fire Golem is better because of more hit-points. The Blood Golem: use only one skill-point, it is not useful to play with it in late Nightmare or Hell. Until version 1. And Revive resurrect dead monsters which fight for you pays off with high Skeleton Mastery, even if time length of the spell is quite short. And important: get the Bone Shield points, it will help you even in later levels. The Necromancer does not have the Warmth ability like the Sorceress, his mana regenerating ability goes directly with the maximum amount of mana.

I can agree it is not easy.

Why Cheating In Video Games Is Lame - Thoughts On 'Diablo 3' Exploits And The RMAH

But with good skill planning and some strategies you can develop a powerful character. And skill planning is important. Very true! Put lots of points into these. Shiver Armor gives you a bonus to armor.

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Beldandy, my level 60 sorceress, has over armor with that spell enhancing her armor. Glacier Spike freezes the enemies for a short time and damages them not only the one you hit, but also the ones standing next to them. Blizzard reminds me of the Warcraft II spell of the same name: an ice rain goes down damaging all enemies within that area. Frozen Orb is a great attack spell in higher levels and for player duels. So put at least skillpoints into cold mastery to reduce their restistance to your Ice spells. Tough enemies you can kill with Glacier Spike freezes them , some Blizzards more Blizzards at the same place: damage will be added!

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  8. So weaken the boss with four Static Fields and then give it some Glacier Spikes. More skillpoints in Static Field will only make the range better, not the percentage, about skillpoints in Static Field is enough. My tip is get a wand with Teleportation and test it if you like it before wasting skillpoints on it.

    Ok, you know how your this little weakling and you can't hurt a fly? I'm actually a newb but after i got as many emeralds in that sword as i could get, I had level 46 or so people begging me for that sword. To get an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" do the following: 1. Kill Mephisto in act 3. Pick up his soulstone. Go to the river of flame in act 4. Kill "Hephasto the armorer". Pick up the hellforge hammer. Make a town portal. Have Cain to identify the hellforge hammer.

    You will now have an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" in your inventory though the original one will still be on the hellforge. Place the Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to the hidden cow level filled with axe carrying cows. If you die and can't get back to your body, simply save and exit the game, then load your game and your body should be in the town. All your gold may not appear this obviously depends on whether you were carrying any , it may still be lying near where you died.

    This doesn't work for any class except the Barbarian. But I didn't feel heroic at all. I felt Because here's the honest truth: it was easy. And it was easy because the developers at Blizzard had essentially allowed me to balance the game myself. Diablo 3's troubled launch and triumphant resurrection are well documented, but here's a quick recap. A highly polished action-RPG with superb combat design, it was initially hamstrung by a grindy structure and a parsimonious attitude to loot.

    Defining 'Cheats'

    The former asked you to play its flabby campaign over and over again on ascending difficulty levels, while the latter was influenced by an ill-advised real-money auction house that sucked all the fun out of Diablo's loot-hunting endgame. It was not a fitting fate for a game that was, in short bursts, an absolute blast, and which otherwise boasted a vigorous commitment to violent camp, to explosive excess. Blizzard saw its error and set about fixing it. An excellent console version and the Reaper of Souls expansion killed the auction house, replaced repeat playthroughs with the go-anywhere do-anything Adventure Mode, accelerated levelling and opened the loot taps until the feeble trickle of item drops became an almost embarrassing gush of clanging legendaries.

    A new difficulty system generously allowed you to adjust the game's challenge at will across a broad range, matching it to your taste and you character's power. All the negative feedback had startled Blizzard into turning Diablo 3 into the cheapest date in video games, a slot machine that always pays out. It was much more fun, it was more in keeping with the game's character - and, of course, players loved it. Is Diablo 3 now fixed?

    The Diablo 3 (III) Exploit & Cheating Strategy Guide

    But in fixing it, Blizzard has also, in a sense, completely broken it. Take my victorious Hardcore Crusader. She is loaded with so much resist, so much block and so many passive healing bonuses that most monsters can't even trouble her health bar at all. The strongest merely cause its final third to flicker, like an old strip light. I had just one close call - admittedly, a horrible, stomach-churning one - at level 68 when, with the end just within reach, I wandered onto the second floor of a Nephalem Rift and immediately pulled two packs of elite monsters and the Rift boss.

    Otherwise, it was like playing a game with cheats enabled - and bear in mind that this is on Expert, the third difficulty setting, and I could have used a much more conservative character build than I did. Playing Hardcore ought to be tense, and I certainly felt a high level of investment in the character's progress as I stacked the chips of hours played on the table. But the game was rigged - by me. Through the difficulty setting, I could control the number of monsters I faced and the intensity of their attacks. In my mounting piles of loot I usually had alternatives to hand that would boost defence and healing at the expense of attack.

    And in the game's flexible skill system I had many ways to sacrifice offensive options in favour of making my character even more robust. As a nuclear option, I could push the difficulty down to Normal any time I liked. I didn't, though. Not even when I paused before Malthael's chamber.

    And the reason was that between my character build and the user-set difficulty, I had tuned the game to exactly where I wanted it to be armed with the knowledge, gleaned from my unicorn mauling, of precisely how much would be too much. I've played Diablo 3 quite a lot - over three years and three formats - and I have an instinctive sense of where its sweet spot lies.

    Diablo 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

    It's not even so much about difficulty as rhythm and intensity; you want combat to see-saw but not spike, to give after offering just the right amount of resistance. With the abundant tools offered to you by Reaper of Souls, you play the game like a mixing desk. Some friends find this frustrating, and I can understand that.

    The game gives them no yardstick to measure themselves by, and they're niggled by a persistent anxiety that they haven't set the difficulty "right".