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As for hats, wear them not as a mere cover-up, but accessories in their own right. That means no chucking on whatever battered baseball cap is hanging around in the name of ensconcing your bonce.

Not convinced bald is the way forward? Look to some famous and follicularly-challenged men. Once named the No.

Men's Style. By Cillian O'Connor. Raid The Medicine Cabinet You might also consider enlisting the hair-boosting powers of chemistry, by using a topical vasodilator a fancy term for a group of medicines that open blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily.

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Be Bold, Get Buzzed While smart styling and chemical aids can slow the rate of male pattern baldness , there will come a time for many men when their head most closely resembles that weird egg you get in a carton that looks as if it might hatch at any moment. Exfoliant Like the rest of your face, a bald head needs its dead skin cells sloughed off every now and then. Style It Out With hair quite literally out of the picture, other factors such as eye colour, skin tone and facial hair colour if you have some become more prominent.

The Best Hairstyles For Balding Men

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The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions: The Bald Man In The Big Mercedes

Bare of tuft or leaf or feather, sleek mountain summit, undisguised, evident, in a word: bold , as in bald , both arising out of shining , white. My knight, this night of shining, my bald eagle hovering above me, tell me there are more like you out there, more blank pates on which to write a happy ending, seal it with a lipsticked pout.

More men like Gandhi and Dwight and Yul, and all those young men I pass on the street, their scalps receding, retreating, who knows all the reasons hair starts refusing to put its best foot forward.

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We all want to be part of something larger, which may be why a whole neighborhood of men--I forget just where but what matters is why--shaved their heads in solidarity, to welcome home a boy bald as a plucked chicken from his cancerous year away. I clipped the photo and saved it all these years for its power to break my heart in all the right places.

18 Reasons Why Dating A Bald Man Is The Smartest Decision You'll Make All Year

There he sits on the brownstone stoop in the center of a shining host. How can you not love men like that? Even if later they begin the comb-overs and side-winding, ointments and creams, weaves and implants, yes even the toupees.

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