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Sixty-six years after newspaper headlines heralded the discovery of a "flying saucer" in Roswell, N. That legend came to life again for the anniversary, in the form of a Google Doodle game that lightheartedly retraces the Roswell story. The real-life event centers around reports of a crashed UFO and supposed sightings of alien bodies in the vicinity of Roswell in July At first, the U.

Air Force said that a flying disk had been found — but that report was quickly retracted, and the military said instead that the "saucer" was nothing more than a weather balloon that fell to Earth. Some of those who figured in the story are still alive — for example, Glenn Dennis, the mortician who fielded calls from Roswell Army Air Field about how to handle small bodies.

Many others have passed away, however — and the authorities say they've closed their X-Files for good. The U.

Air Force stamped "Case Closed" on its file back in , when Roswell fans were marking the 50th anniversary of the incident. The final report said that the mysterious debris was actually wreckage from balloon-borne experiments to monitor Soviet nuclear blasts, and that the bodies were probably crash dummies used to judge the effect of high-altitude falls.

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In assembling the massive reports, the Air Force gathered and declassified many documents relating to the Roswell incident. Weighing in at nearly 1, pages, The Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert , published in , set out to "tell the Congress, and the American people, everything the Air Force knew about the Roswell claims. The report said eyewitness accounts tied to the recovery actually occurred years later, becoming tangled up in time and further strengthening the Roswell incident's hold on the public's imagination.

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Air Force high-altitude balloons for scientific research. Despite the military's assertion that the Roswell incident was a side effect of Cold War secrecy and sci-fi fantasies, the story retains a vital spot in UFO lore. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. You Can Thank This Woman.

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