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Reid Hoffman is best known as the cofounder of career-focused social network LinkedIn and as a venture capital investor, but the billionaire is also putting money into social causes he's passionate about.

“Work hard, play hard.”

By Aislinn Murphy Contributor. By Lauren Debter Forbes Staff.

Duet, a U. By Mfonobong Nsehe Contributor.

Interview with the founders of Potomac International Partners on how African governments and multinationals can navigate the American 'Beltway' of influence. By Zack Friedman Senior Contributor. Tesla has built its own computer that is ten times faster than anybody else's. And they might be betting their future on it. By David Silver Contributor. Mfonobong Nsehe interviews Dr.

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  2. Unplugged, Locked Up and Starting Over.
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  4. Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson unplugged — the serious side of the glam grinner.
  5. Coach Barrow (Issue 2, May 2013).

I feel completely that the military will finally take the side of the people. I know the generals will never take the side of the people because they have a lot to hide.

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But I want the soldiers, who also have families who have been struggling and having a hard time, to take the side of the people and democracy. But at least for this weekend, Branson is focused on Venezuela Aid Live. But we hope that with music and little bit of love we can help get supplies over. See Also. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

Unplug and Delegate: A Powerful Way Managers Can Conduct A Stress Test on an Organization

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