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You have 3 states connected with the matter surrounding the portals in the first area: fire - hot, snow - cold, water - wet. For the portals in the second area: waterfall - wet, gears - made out of metal - bronze is a metal, the portal connected to the mountain is standing next to a stony mountain. So in the order of the hints: Brr! Last edited by riptide ; 9 Jul, am. Terlemes View Profile View Posts. The fact that one of the portals is hiden by a pice of cloth, which you never encounter in the game until this once can be frustrating.

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Passages 2. Unit 1, Realationships

Q 13 Two extracts out of three from prose, poetry or plays in the form of Multiple Choice Questions based on reference to context. Each extract will carry 3 marks.

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Q 14 Four out of Five short answer type questions based on prose, poetry and play of 2 marks each. The questions will not test recall but inference and evaluation.

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Word limit: words each 8 Marks. Creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across two texts will also be assessed. Reading for comprehension, critical evaluation, inference and analysis is a skill to be tested formatively as well as summatively.

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  • There will be no division of passages for this section, however for reading purposes, the Interact in English Main Course Book will be read in two terms i. For purposes of assessment all themes dealt with in Main Course Book and other themes may be used.

    Grammar items mentioned in the syllabus will be taught and assessed summatively as well as formatively over a period of time. There will be no division of syllabus for Grammar in the summative or formative assessments for the two terms.

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