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Mark Reid from the UK was also pulled in as crew to ensure the two Honda CRFx motorcycles were kept running throughout the five-day event. For a first time out, a 14th place for Mabbs and 16th for Boyter were very respectable finishes. Vendetta Racing was slowly becoming known within the off-road rally community. By Vendetta had stopped racing in short circuit events other than entering one bike in the odd one-off race and filled the void by entering the Emirates Desert Championship.

OUR STORY SO FAR ON MINECRAFT! - (Delirious' Perspective) Ep. 4! Unused clips.

More riders were added to the line-up for these championship with Chris Dunn and Tom Childs getting a first start for Vendetta while Blackney made a desert racing comeback. The year heralded the start of the Dubai International Baja. This took in Qatar, Chile and Morocco but sadly food poisoning on the last day of the Rallye du Maroc for the entire team and half of the other teams put paid to the chase.

A fantastic result for a private team.

Our Story so far

Another milestone in the Vendetta Racing achievements was a single bike entry, in the form of Mabbs in the Africa Eco Race. Once upon a time in four friends got together to make a personalized book — better than any personalized book that had ever been made before!

Our Story So Far: Six Years Strong

They worked on it in their spare time as a pet project. Late nights.

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Understanding families. It was even more magical than the friends had imagined.

They launched it! Word got around.

Our story so far

People bought it, and said nice things about it. And the friends thought, Hang on. The City Farm Ballymun project began several years ago when a group of local residents came together to develop a proposal to transform an existing, underused green space in to a community garden.

That proposal was rejected by the City Council at the time. One reason given was that the use of the land in question would be examined as part of the preparation of the Ballymun Local Area Plan LAP. Having read the draft Local Area Plan and the Retail Study commissioned as part of the LAP process, we formed the view that the potential existed to create something unique to Ballymun which would contribute to the environmental, social and economic regeneration of the area.