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During your stay in Seville you will see many other places, but for me it is particularly the Alameda where I feel that thing I was talking about before. However, it has turned into a very interesting place nowadays. Located in the Macarena district, it has become a boheme place where you will find people of all styles and races. You will also notice that is the young people who come here mostly. It was supposed to be a park, but due to the floods that used to happen, it never grew any grass. So you can only see the cobbled floor with little spaces in between where grass was supposed to grow.

There are also many benches all around where people come maybe just to talk or maybe to play an instrument. Besides, you can identify the Alameda because of the four columns located in the square: two at the front and two at the rear. These columns are from the roman period and they were brought in their entirety from an excavation close to the Cathedral. The place nowadays is full of pubs all around, with affordable prices and lot of concerts too.

There is also a cheap cinema with special offers on Wednesdays. At least once a month they organize some markets with different themes, it could be a normal fair, or a handmade products one, or a secondhand clothing. In wintertime, even though it does not snow in Seville, from late December until February you can go there and do some ice skating or have a hot chocolate! Seville is more similar to western culture than I had anticipated, and I live a very comfortable life in Spain. The weather is always sunny, the people are friendly and the food is amazing.

We had a cooking class with ESA a few weeks ago and learned how to make Paella, which is my new favorite food! Pablo de Olavide does a great job in taking care of their international students, such as planning excursions like hiking trips to Cortegana, tours of a local olive oil factory or trips to the movies.

They also set up language tables during the week where you can practice your Spanish, and have a strong intercambio program so the American and Spanish students can meet and talk together. One of my main goals right now is to be fluent in Spanish, and when I found out we had a program with our school to go to Sevilla, it seemed perfect.

Shortly after coming here, I fell in love with this great city and its people, and now I feel I found my purpose of studying abroad. I would highly recommend coming to Sevilla to study or travel. When I first decided to come to Spain, I talked to many people and asked them their opinions on Sevilla. Every person I spoke to said Sevilla was one of their favorite places to visit, and I finally understand why. Sevilla is so rich in culture and life and positivity. The city is full of families walking together, moms pushing strollers and children running around playing with their siblings.

The many parks of Sevilla are full of people running, picnicking, and just enjoying the day. Living in Sevilla teaches me to live fully in the present and make the most of each day I have here in this paradise! Cultural shock?

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As I mentioned before, my host mother is amazing. She makes me all of my meals and does my laundry. She used to be a chef, and she makes some incredible dishes for meals. Spaniards eat lunch and dinner very, very late compared to America and for some people this can take some getting used to. Usually I eat lunch at home around and dinner around or later. This area, where the monastery is now, was first born in the 12th century, when the Almohads set up several ovens to fire clay. Little by little the Cartuja got built by some members of the Sevillian aristocracy that were established there, as well as some figures of the Church.

However, it was in the 19th century when an English businessman, Charles Pickman, purchased the Cartuja and transformed it into a pottery factory that would become world-renowned. What surprises the most about this center is the contrast between its buildings mostly chapels, a church, some indoor patios, as the ones in the Alhambra in Granada and the Alcazar of Seville and the abstract paintings that are exhibited in its rooms.

Photo by Cristina Esquivel. So, it is just the right time for sharing a good meal with our UNE friends, international students and some Spaniards. The picnic we had last Saturday was the first activity the mentors organized ourselves. Tortillas, the beloved croquetas , chips, some cold gazpacho, chorizo and cheese, cold meats… There was plenty to choose from, and some of us ended pretty full, but it was totally worth it!

We also had some guests —French, German and Spanish students- with whom we had some laughs. Not everything was about the food, though. Some of the UNE students got to learn a typical schoolyard game: 1x2. Soccer was also present —of course it would, we are in Spain!

It was a pity that most of our UNE friends had to leave earlier because of their midterms, but anyhow we spent a pleasant Saturday together, and I truly hope we get the chance to repeat the experience sometime! Defying the rain and the cold, we set off to Granada early on a grey Saturday morning.

The sleepy faces son gave way to exclamations of amazement as we approached Granada and the sight of the snowy Sierra Nevada greeted us. Thanks to the great location of our hotel, we were able to check in and leave for a short stroll and lunch before leaving for the Alhambra. Granada is a splendid city, with its Moorish stlye and the inviting smell coming from the tea bars.

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After this short break we hurried to catch the bus that took us to the Alhambra. Neither the chilly wind nor the rain could defeat us on our way through this haunting palace. We were taken through a maze of sumptuous chambers and charming fountains, where we learned about its history and took plenty of pictures —big shout out here to our guide and photographer, Robert. However, all good things must come to an end, and so did our visit to the Alhambra. A short walk downhill, trying not to fall, as it really was a steep slope, and we were back in the city.

We had some free time until dinner, so we took the chance to do some shopping —which included bargaining for scarves, purses, or Arabic handwritings. Some of us even got to experience holding a huge parrot on our shoulder! There was this Street packed with tea bars, and some of us chose to give them a go and treated ourselves with delicious Moorish-style teas at a cosy Alhambra-like bar.

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Granada is a city with a captivating atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. It is also worth mentioning the succulent dinner we got to try. On Sunday we enjoyed what was, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the trip, and of Granada, actually. The final day began with a walk from the cathedral, passing by Paseo de los tristes on our way to the viewpoint, where we were delighted by a marvelous sight of the city spreading below.

Oh, and also by a skinny dog wandering about. After some more shopping and another tasty lunch, we got ready for the journey back. It had been an intense stay in Granada, short but rather fruitful. Before coming back, some even had the strength to go hiking around the city! Some were asleep a minute after hopping on the bus, but their sleep was son interrupted by the wows as we got a final glimpse of Granada, with the white peaks of Sierra Nevada on the background. All in all, I think Granada is a must see for anyone visiting or, actually, living in Spain.

Sadly, the trip was for a weekend only, though I really hope the UNE students enjoyed it as much as I did! I wanted to start writing this the night before heading to Granada, but who was I kidding? The night before a trip you are excited and everything is chaotic, so definitely, it is not a good time to write. As I had foretold, the trip was marvelous despite of the fact we only spent one night there. After a three hours bus ride, we arrived in Granada.

So, as soon as we got our rooms at the hotel we were ready to walk around the city and have lunch. Some of us decided to go for tapas to recharge our batteries: when you order a drink in Granada, you are given a free tapa. We had to try it! Then, the Alhambra and Robert, our wonderful tour guide, were waiting for us. Every single detail in its architecture and gardens amazed us and we felt as if we had traveled through time.

Next stop: a walk around narrow and steep streets, full of leather bags, beautiful and colorful lamps, handicrafts We felt like we were in Morocco, even haggling worked sometimes. At each corner, we could discover so many different features… from surprises and beautiful scenes for artsy pictures, to graffiti covering old walls.


It was getting darker and it was time for dinner. After breakfast, we went to the Paseo de los Tristes to admire the Alhambra from a different place. Amazed by the spectacular view of the reddish Alhambra and the snowy mountains in the background, we stayed there a little while.

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Friendship started to be obvious in our group pictures. Finally, it was time to have lunch and say goodbye to this amazing and lovely city which fascinates people from any culture, country or age. The Center is located at the Monasterio de la Cartuja the Carthusian Monastery which was founded in the year When some monasteries were sold in midth century, Charles Pickman, an English businessman, purchased the Cartuja and converted it into an internationally renowned pottery factory.

When Seville was chosen to hold the Universal Exhibition of , the Monastery was restored for use as a cultural center. Check out the website more more information about the center! Where did you all go, what did you do? Did you know that the American Legation building was the first American public property outside of the United States? We also visited the old city of Tetouan and its unique medina.

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