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CANCER: there IS a cure - Paula Black

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When I got sick, I warned my friends: Don’t try to make me stop thinking about death.

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If someone were to give cancer a human face, it would probably be that of an archvillain in a comic book series — a master of evil who can adapt at will to any attack, lurking lethally in the shadows, shifting its shape and location, resistant to almost any weaponry humans devise. If you or a loved one has recently received a cancer diagnosis, or has been living with it as a chronic, if terrifying, condition, this book and the advances it describes offer far more than the usual glimmer of hope. Coley found and cut out a mass, but it grew back. She died at He soon came upon the case of a sad sack German immigrant named Fred Stein.

Its old name, dating back to the Middle Ages, was St.

What Cancer Takes Away | The New Yorker

Stein appeared to be yet another doomed patient, but his doctors noted an interesting coincidence: Each time he developed a high fever, his tumors began to shrink. That moment could have signaled the beginning of the field of immunotherapy and, perhaps, the beginning of a new way to fight cancer — but no one else in the medical field bought it.

It is simplistic but probably accurate to say that most cancer research went in the wrong direction early and stayed there: The conventional wisdom held that it was best to attack the disease instead of looking for ways to help the body heal itself.