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Eyes and Ears Issues in Cats Arnica and Hamamelis for ear flaps that fill with blood using alternating doses. Mercurius solubilis for ulceration in the ear Silicea for chronically inflamed ears. Symphytum for general injuries to the eyes.

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Tellurium when there is a strong fishy smell to any discharge. Eyes - Watering in Cats Argentum nitricum for infected conjunctivitis. Euphrasia is used or watery runny eyes Fear In Cats Arsenicum album is the remedy for anxiety or restlessness especially where this is a problem at night with pacing around. It also acts on the nerves and can help where there is nerve weakness affecting the back legs. Gingivitis in Cats Carbo veg can help in the milder case.

Hepar sulphur should be used where there is pain on eating. Mercurius solubilis is used where there are red ulcerated gums, much salivation and bleeding ulcers. It is used for treating arthritis where the symptoms are better for rest and in cool weather and worse in hot weather and for using the leg. Affected joints are sometimes hot or visibly swollen. Apis , Nat mur , Phosphorus , Mercurius solubilis and Lycopodium are used for kidney problems. Pulsatilla type of cats Pulsatilla constitution prefer dry food and do not feel the need to drink.

Cats: Homoeopathic Remedies

Respiratory Issues in Cats Respiratory problems can arise following pet vaccination. Pulsatilla when the discharge is whitish. Kali bich when it is thick and yellow. Silicea is used in chronic cases where the discharge is white. Nat mur is used for a thinner more watery discharge rather like egg white.

Arsenicum album is a constitutional type commonly seen in cats and useful for respiratory conditions. Thuja is used if there is an obvious link of respiratory issues to vaccination.

This is often allergy related. Bacillinum treats ringworm. Contact causes intense itching with redness and blistering. It can help with cases flea allergies, or allergies.

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Used for itching, scratching, nibbling and rubbing as well as dandruff, scabs, sores and smelly greasy skin. Sepia also treats ringworm. When a cat is spraying there is deliberate choice of targets. Jealousy of a new family member or pet arrival or added stress in the household can trigger the behavior. Staphysagria for feeling of resentment regarding the situation. Hyoscyamus has jealousy and cats will deliberately spray while they are being watched.

How to Administer Homeopathic to Cat

Surgery In Cats Nux Vomica It is useful after surgery where it helps detoxify the liver and stimulates the appetite. Trapped Toes and Tails in Cats Hypericum is used for bruised and damaged nerves. Secale is used affected area goes cold after the injury and blood supply is damaged. Ulcers Symphytum for healing ulcers. Urinary Problems in Cats Causticum or Pulsatilla may be required for more chronic cases.

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Cantharis is useful for acute attacks where there is much straining, pain and blood. Vaccinations Reactions in Cats Thuja is used if there is an obvious reaction to cat vaccinations. Vomiting in Cats Nux Vomica is used for vomiting caused by overeating, change in diet or rich food and for colitis induced by similar problems. Phosphorus is also used for vomiting.

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It is useful where there is thirst for large quantities of water, but as soon as the fluid becomes warm in the stomach it is vomited back. If food is brought back, this happens soon after eating and is returned in large amounts and is mostly undigested. Weak Back Legs In Cats Nux Vomica is indicated for strengthening weak back legs where there is a tendency to drag the feet and for low grade lower back pain. Phosphorus is acts on the nerves and can help where there is nerve weakness affecting the back legs.

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