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He is currently Artistic Director of The Wrestling School, a company established to disseminate his works and develop his theory of production.

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He writes regularly for radio, both in England and Europe. He is the author of plays for marionettes and has written three librettos for opera.

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Howard Barker is the author of two works of theory, and five volumes of poetry. He is also a painter.

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  8. Howard Barker's plays are known for their fearless exploration of power, sexuality and human motivation. His texts overflow with rich language, challenging ideas, history, beauty, violence and imaginative comedy, all brought together within the extremes of human experience to create a powerful and compelling theatrical experience.

    Barker's texts are constructed on the premise that theatre is a necessity in society, a place for imagination and moral speculation, not constrained by the demands of realism or any ideology.


    Barker describes his work with the term Theatre of Catastrophe. No more diminutives, or endearments, abbreviations or Things to hang yourself on Ivan is the name. No, this is a tradition that has been internalised by art itself. The most effective way of undermining this tradition is not to repudiate it — the total gesture of rejection which simply leaves everything in place, unchanged — but to turn it yet further against itself. Chekhov dramatised the deadlock of false society as a deadlock within the self Raymond Williams. By turning the play against itself, Barker releases the energy deadlocked in both society and the self.

    It ceases, then continues. It proclaims the world unstable, but in the apertures of pain, discovers beauty. Thus in Uncle Vanya the familial set up is undermined and destroyed through the active transgressions of Vanya and Helena murder and desire , each finding an action or expression through which to invalidate the nausea of their Chekhovian worlds.

    By E. Nesbit

    Barker confronts modernity with what is essentially unrepresentable, albeit in a form that primarily uses language to literally strip away the eroticised subject, as Helena testifies to: HELENA: This thinness of mine. I am a rack of bones from which swords might be made. Did you know the body was a resource for instruments, the ribs for needles, and the shoulder blades, what are they for, axes probably I am a lethal object careful you might cut your fingers and bleed from a caress.

    The designer Tomas Leipzig has subsequently returned to the design of the metallic scenic space, notably in He Stumbled, a set made out of steel shutters that opened up apertures to reveal headless naked torsos. The Amatory Flash The eroticised subject and its annihilation by the logos have remained at the margins of acceptable literature, though their power to fascinate is apparent in writings by the Marquis de Sade in the eighteenth century, through to those of surrealist Georges Bataille. Gertrude is a character so fraught with transgression that her every action becomes the progenitor of agony.

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    It is thus a feeling which he cannot understand; he cannot objectify it, and it therefore remains to poison life and obstruct action. None of the possible actions can satisfy it; and nothing that Shakespeare can do with the plot can express Hamlet for him. To have heightened the criminality of Gertrude would have been to provide the formula for a totally different emotion in Hamlet; it is just because her character is so negative and insignificant that she arouses in Hamlet the feeling which she is incapable of representing.

    Gertrude is bound to Claudius by an exquisite crime or the play hardly hangs together. She shuts her eyes, averts her face. Poison him Claudius takes the phial from his clothing.

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    He kneels by the sleeping man. Gertrude seems to vomit in her ecstasy. Her cry mingles with the cry of the sleeping man who shudders. Fuck me Oh fuck me Claudius and Gertrude couple above the dying man. All three utter, a music of extremes.

    A servant enters holding a garment, and attends. In the Wrestling School production of Gertrude — The Cry, Hamlet was dressed as an English public schoolboy in blazer, shorts, long socks and trainers adding to the impression of a petulant adolescent, supplemented by the actor Tom Burke using a high pitched voice for the character.

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    The design of the show complemented the intensity of the performances, creating the requisite atmosphere of anxiety for the audience. The smell of burnt flesh is the final metonymic act of the play, a consumption of the body consumed by a cry of apocalyptic proportions. As Susan Sontag writes: That discourse one might call the poetry of transgression is also knowledge.

    He who transgresses not only breaks a rule. In several essays and articles since, Barker returns to this moment as an example of how his dramatic vision was and is desperately at odds with the ruling theatrical orthodoxy. H Barker, letter, 7 April 8. Multimedia techniques that are usually associated with post-modern performance companies like Complicite or the Wooster Group.

    Barker, letter, 7 April Subsequent page numbers indicate quotations from this edition until otherwise indicated. Barker, programme notes, Uncle Vanya, Dollimore, programme notes, Uncle Vanya, H Barker, letter, 7 April Related Papers. By Veronica Shimanovskaya. By Roy Lisker.