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Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack, Butting through the Channel in the mad March days, With a cargo of Tyne coal, Road-rails, pig-lead, Firewood, iron-ware, and cheap tin trays. Learn more from SS Robin Trust. Aboard Thames Sailing Barge Repertor. Among the Lightermen. Great article today, and glad to see one of the coasters has survived, and is being conserved.

One of my favourite pastimes is watching the ships and barges chugging up and down the Rhine , which is still a major means of transport here. I have never been to Bilbao but was surprised to see that it looks identical to Porto where I have been. Fantastic Post ….

I would have to centrepunch each rivet on the plate to be removed. Next a driller would come along and, using the centrepunch marks I had made, drill half way through all the rivets. If I hit the punch off-centre, it would jump out of the holder and crash to the bottom of the dock … my mate would have to climb all the way down and back to retrieve it … and then mutter and curse for hours. Then came the riveters you mentioned — they worked like clockwork: On the dockside the rivets were heated to red hot in a portable furnace with compressed blowing through it. He took the rivet tongs and dropped it into a scaffold pole it fell out into a bucket on the next deck down, where it was picked out and dropped into the next pole.

The riveter on the outside with the pneumatic hammer would give a double tap on the plate, to warn the dolly man, then he would hammer the still red-hot rivet into the shape you can see on your pictures. A very interesting ramble though, John Simmlet. Always fascinated to hear first hand experience of jobs so many of us have not encountered. Name: required :. Email: required :. Note: Comments may be edited. Your email address will never be published.

Saturdays were like clockwork. Awake, dressed, and loading the van before most of the world opened their eyes. I loved market days. We draw inspiration from historic architecture and design and let the influence of modern use render pieces that will be a go-to for creatives in many forms. Now even larger, and made from high quality, food grade silicone, your moulds will bring you joy in your creations for years to come.

She had class. Not the kind you can buy. The kind you are born with. There was a soft kindness about her. But they floated dreamily above my head. I was too drawn into the way she played with her pearls, the effortless movement of her mouth Maybe it was the ship mast, playfully leading my mind. I could not tell you for sure. But whoever, whatever I saw splashing in the moonlit sea, it was not a mere fish. This one I would keep to myself.

Those were the stories, true or not, that landed you swab duty. I awoke in a sweat. The summer breeze pulled at the gauze drapes, but did little to cool the heat. - De-Identification Software Package

I had almost missed it. There lay on the stone floor, a small bit of parchment, bearing his signature. The whispers speculated about how he made his money. Some theories less kind than others. I expect much of it motivated by nothin more than jealousy, pure and simple. Fact is, nobody could say a true word ill of him.

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What was once a stately gathering place, where diplomats and land barons strutted in full fanfare, had been laid bare and humble. She rushed in from the rain, an American tourist in Florence. What better shelter from the weather than a cathedral? He turned around, his pure thoughts startled by her abrupt entrance. If love at first sight was possible, it happened that afternoon. Witnessed only by the angels carved in oak. Most childhood memories came to me in bits and pieces. This one was more complete. It was an angel, with real wings.

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My mother made it, from scratch. She measured me, she sewed, she measured me, she sewed.

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Wings with real feathers, made of magic. It was satin. Decor, fashion, sugar arts because our high quality material is food safe, you can use it in your sweet creations too! The concept allows you to create beautiful blossom designs, exactly as you want them. Maybe on a dresser, maybe on a canvas I mean, farm animals.

Obviously, they add the farmhouse vibe wherever they hang out. So, it was an easy choice. These rustic European styled critters work fabulously in vintage styled projects, as well as modern farmhouse, and everything in between.

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